Top Deck Systems

The top deck systems is specially developed to maximize the loading volume in transport units. It is a patented and proven double-decker system for economically and optimally loading europallets, one-way pallets and non-packaged goods. The top deck systems is especially suitable for closed superstructures as well as for box bodies and swap bodies.


> top deck systems is easy to handle

> Due to the mechanical system it is very user-friendly

> As top deck systems is not a hydraulic or pneumatic system like other systems, top deck systems can easily be operated by one person

> Charging is considerably reduced

> By now Not only optimal load and economic loading will increase the loading volume, but transport capacities or existing resources can be used more efficiently.

> This inevitably leads to cost reduction through faster loading and unloading the terminals and a significant reduction in transport damage


> top deck systems represents a second loading level of individual segments. These can be mechanically brought to the desired position by a self-guided rail system.

> It’s lightweight, allowing flexible use of the load volume. By lifting the top deck systems the two locks are automatically unlocked, and the floor can thus be led down to the desired position .

> Each section corresponds to 3 Euro positions. With a length of 1.2 m and a width of about 2.45 m and a thickness of 43 mm, it is possible to load them with up to more than 1,000 kg.

The decisive advantage of the AL top decker systems is the new aluminum guide rail concept. The rail can be easily integrated into any body structure. Due to the low height and a pitch of 25 mm, it offers the best possible use of the clear interior width and allows for an exact adaptation of the loading beam to the load. The rails can be screwed, glued or riveted. Simple handling and maximum safety for the driver and load help to save time and costs. By standardizing the cargo hold systems, the operator achieves optimized operational readiness of the entire fleet. As with standard top decker loading, the tarmac system can also be used to adjust the beam height to the load. The once selected height adjustment is maintained for the entire cargo space. The main advantages of tandem loading are the weight and cost savings of about 30% and the easy handling.